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From Anxious to Excited, Check Out This Review from a New Fan!

Last updated 5 years ago

Admittedly, this activity freaked me out when I first agreed to it. I don't even think I had played/driven/ridden bumper cars in my life before this excursion-- add a game of skill to the mix and all signs point toward disaster for this accident prone chick. As the hours ticked down til it was time for me to meet my fate, I was downright anxiety ridden, picturing all types of mishaps that may occur (broken nose/tooth etc). Once we arrived at the facility (tucked away behind an A&W on Roosevelt Rd), I was a little more at ease because it wasn't some crazy venue with tons of people milling around. Basically, it looks like a bowling alley from the street, and also when you enter. We got there @ 10:40 pm on a Saturday night and were told we'd be on the court just to the left of the bar. Our ref took us out onto the court to explain the rules. It smelled like a tire store, and I instantly started contemplating the sanitary-ness of the place. I don't know how or if they clean out there, but it just seemed grimey, like a roller rink. That, and the necessity of a rule rundown increased my anxiety because I totally didn't understand what was going on except that he said left means right and vice versa in steering, anything with a lot of rules means it could go bad, terribly bad, very fast. Being that 1/2 of our group (18 ppl) were pretty lit, I really didn't want to play because drunk boys + sports= disaster. My friend Liz however, scolded me into playing, and for that, I am glad...because it was FUN!! Although I generally drove around and ran into people while pretending that I didn't mean to, I actually got into the activity. It's amazing how much alcohol can enhance social gatherings. I don't think the crashing was too intense but you do get thrown around a bit, I didn't get any bumps or bruises as other reviewers did. During one round, I got stuck with a super crappy black car that kept getting stuck and would require a bump to get moving again. It also had a duct taped handle, the duct tape was not serving it's purpose because my hand was hurting from steering since the metal was totally poking through. Although the inside of the court smelled funky, the outer lying area was a different story--clean, dimly lit, and offering a fully stocked bar which I took full advantage of (Vegas bomb, anyone?). The Vegas Bombs were damn good, perfectly strong but not too much Red Bull. I also had a cpl vodka sodas and I thought the drink prices were reasonable (Absolut USD 5.25). I'd def return to have drinks and do something different, instead of barhopping for everysingleperson's bday as we adults tend to do. Good times fa sho.


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