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    When Are Minors Allowed at WhirlyBall?

    Last updated 3 years ago

    WhirlyBall is an exciting game for children, teens, and adults! This game combines all of the fun of basketball, lacrosse, and bumper cars, providing a totally unique gaming experience that cannot be compared. Players are always welcome, but not everyone is allowed to be a player at all times.

    There are specific rules regarding minors at WhirlyBall in Chicago. After 5:00 pm, minors are not allowed into the facility for unscheduled visits. All guests must be able to provide identification proving they are 21 or older when the clocks strike 5:00. Minors will be allowed it if they have scheduled playtime, but they can only access the courts and not the rest of the facility. This ensures safety for all of our guests of all age groups.

    If you have questions about when you can schedule a game or walk in for a game, contact the WhirlyBall team today! Give us a call at (773) 486-7777 to get answers to any other questions you have about our party and event venue. 

    Examining the Benefits of Playing Games for Adults

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Who says games are just for children? Adults can let loose and have fun by playing some of their favorite games at parties and events! Participating in games offers more than just fun; it offers a number of other benefits that adults are sure to enjoy:

    Relieving Stress

    It is easy to feel stressed out when you have work and home responsibilities to worry about on a daily basis. Letting loose and having some fun is a great way to forget your stress and experience some enjoyment! Playing an awesome game like WhirlyBall will allow you to take your mind off of your worries and focus on having a good time with your friends.

    Getting Physical Activity

    Do you sit in front of a computer or do some other sedentary activity at work all day? Physical activity is essential for staying healthy, but it can be difficult to get this activity when you are stuck at work. Taking some free time to get out of the office and play WhirlyBall will allow you to move your body and enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

    Increasing Your Creativity

    Children are usually very creative. That is because they spend so much time playing! When we play games, we stimulate our minds and give our imaginations a chance to grow. Playing games allows you to be creative in many ways, including problem solving, strategies, and the best ways to have fun.   

    Giving You a Chance to Spend Time With Friends

    As we get older, it becomes more difficult to find time to spend with friends. It is easy to see your friends when you go to the same school, but adult friends may not have schedules that allow them to see one another frequently. Games give you a great opportunity to spend time and have fun with friends.

    Enjoy these benefits and more by planning your next private party here at WhirlyBall! Learn about our party and event specials that are perfect for corporate parties and bachelor parties by checking us out online or calling us at (773) 486-7777.

    Invitation Etiquette for Kid Birthday Parties

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If your child’s birthday is coming up, now is a great time to start making the guest list for her party. It is important to send invitations out early so that guests have plenty of time to respond and make room on their schedules. But just how early should you sent the invitations and what other etiquette tips should you keep in mind?

    Consider sending invitations out three to four weeks before the date of the event. Sit down with your child to start creating a guest list. If your child is young, you may want to stick to family and friends. Slightly older children may want the whole class to come, while older children may only want their closest friends with them. Talk to your child to figure out the best option for her special day.

    Planning the party is easy when you host it here at WhirlyBall! Discover our awesome party and event packages by checking us out line. Call us at (773) 486-7777 for more information about our exciting games and services. 

    Choosing a WhirlyBall Birthday Package

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Children’s birthday parties are supposed to be fun! But the planning process can make these parties a little less-than-enjoyable. Skip the stress of planning a birthday party at home by hosting one here at WhirlyBall. Help your child choose the perfect birthday package for his special day.

    WhirlyBall Birthday Package

    This exciting birthday package is perfect for children between the ages of 12 and 15! Your child and 14 of his friends can experience the fun and excitement of WhirlyBall during a private birthday game. 10 players can play at one time and other guests can rotate in during break times for a full hour of playtime. The other half hour of the party is spent chowing down on pizza and soda, opening presents, and enjoying birthday cake. Birthday party members at our Lombard and Vernon Hills locations can also enjoy pool tables and other fun games.

    Lasertron Birthday Package

    Is your child a little too young to enjoy the exhilaration of WhirlyBall? He can still have an unforgettable birthday party with our Lasertron birthday package! Children ages 8 and up can invite 9 or 19 of their friends for an amazing game of laser tag to celebrate their special days. This package includes a half hour of either shared or private time in the Lasertron Arena, a half hour in the shared party area, delicious pizzas, and plenty of soda to keep party guests satisfied.

    Combo Birthday Package

    Children ages 12 and up can enjoy the best of both worlds at our Chicago and Vernon Hills locations! Our combo birthday package is ideal for children who want to play WhirlyBall and experience Lasertron with their friends. This package features a half hour playing WhirlyBall and a half hour playing Lasertron followed by food and drinks in the shared party area.

    Get more information about these exciting birthday packages by contacting WhirlyBall today! Take a look at our website to get the details about private parties and events or give us a call at (773) 486-7777 to start planning.

    Learn to Master Foosball at WhirlyBall

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Nothing is better than hanging out with friends for an awesome game of foosball! But it is not just about the fun; it is also about the competition. You can give your next foosball game a boost by improving your skills. Watch this video to learn how to properly execute the snakeshot. 

    This is a great technique that will allow you to make a fast and sneaky shot from nearly anywhere on the playing field! Use your wrist to put pressure on the rod and gain control of the ball. Next, slide your hand down to quickly shot the ball into the goal.

    Practice your foosball skills here at WhirlyBall. Contact us today at (773) 486-7777 to learn about our foosball games as well as our other exciting games that will make your parties and events unforgettable. 

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