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    7 Things You'll Learn About Yourself at WhirlyBall

    Last updated 2 years ago

    WhirlyBall, while fun, is no joke. Things can get pretty intense here and because of that, WhirlyBall can really teach you a lot about yourself. Here’s a list of the top seven self-discoveries you’ll experience.


    First things first, real friends will NEVER say no to an invite to WhirlyBall. Aside from the birth of your first child (maybe…), there’s never a legitimate reason to decline the offer.

    Work will wait, fun does not.



    Forget trust falls and campfire sing-a-longs, nothing will make a team stronger than proving your loyalty in a game of WhirlyBall. It should be added to every management strategy.



    Can you detect when someone is lurking around the corner in the dark? Do you have cat­-like reflexes? If you don’t know now, you’ll find out during an intense game of laser tag!



    When you have pretzel bites, wings, and sliders to choose from, it gets hard to deny any of them. Will you do the right thing and instill a sense of portion control or will you eat like it’s your last meal? It’s your choice and we really couldn’t blame you for choosing either. 



    Beer, that is! We’ve got a great stock of beer on tap and in bottles for you to choose from. Do you have a regular favorite or are you willing to be adventurous and try something new? Let’s find out!



    Just like a football player has his touchdown dance, a bowler has their walk from bowling a strike. Have yours ready, you’re going to need it.



    Who says that driving in bumper cars and playing laser tag has to be just for kids? To us and everyone who has come here, WhirlyBall gets more fun with age!

    What are you waiting for!? The path to self­-discovery is just a phone call (773-­486­7777) or click away

    9 Valentine's Day Cards For WhirlyBall Lovers

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Whether you’re a fan of lasertag, bowling, craft beer, or just the thrilling sport of WhirlyBall…these Valentine’s Day cards are for you!

    Life of Anyone Who LOVES Planning Parties

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Are you a planner? The one among your friends who asks where everyone wants to eat? Who has all their co-workers birthdays on a calendar? Who looks forward to every holiday? Being a planner can be a great life…but it can be a tough life too.

    What My Office Thinks I Do

    Work parties are the best parties. After all, you’re clocking in to have fun! Party planning committee to the rescue!

    What My Friends Thinks I Do

    Even if they seem to never reply to your texts about where to eat tonight, they know you’re the go-to person for any festivities (if only they knew how much hard work went into all that fun!).

    What I Think I Do

    Party planners are the everyday superheroes, making life a bit more livable and enjoyable every day.

    What My Mom Thinks I Do

    Office parties or events might not need party favors or ice cream cake like the elementary school days, but still take a lot of planning and activities to please their guests. It’s hard work, Mom!

    What I ACTUALLY Do

    Ensuring that the night isn’t ruined and is fun for everybody? It takes a lot of work and can sometimes be impossible! There might be a catering problem or maybe the birthday cake has the wrong name. The party planner has to be ready for whatever comes their way.

    6 Reasons To Host Your Big Game Party at a Sports Bar

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Super Bowl Sunday is an American tradition. Football, friends, family, and fried food – doesn’t get better than that! Hosting a party at home is good fun, but joining a party or hosting your own at a sports bar can be just as (if not more) memorable and here’s why.

    Multiple Screens For Everyone

    While it’s great to have lively guests, sharing a single television can get frustrating fast. One friend wants to watch all the live coverage and talk their way through the whole game. Another is still talking about the commercial break. Don’t get us started on the guy who makes noise at every touchdown and pass. And then there is the diehard fans who just want to watch the game. More screens not only means less trouble but also means…


    Everyone Gets a Seat at the Table

    Any Super Bowl party host can tell you that arranging the couches, tables, and chairs in the living room is an art form. They spend so much time ensuring everyone has a good angle and clear path to the kitchen, only to run out of chairs and stand the entire time. Sports bars might get crowded but everyone can join in on the action.

    No Need to Make the Food

    After Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest eating days. Even if you make your party a potluck, it is still on you to make sure there are enough wings, dips, chips, appetizers, sliders, and drinks to go around. Even ordering in can be a hassle as you compete with every other household watching the game. Luckily, bars have both food and drink specials throughout the day.  Speaking of drinks…

    Not Just Cheap Beer

    Just because everyone is stocking up on coolers from the official sponsor of this year’s Super Bowl doesn’t mean you can’t have more options. Parties with microbrews, wine, or themed cocktails on the menu definitely make for happier guests.


    Even More Football Fans to Watch With

    Face it, you’re not going to get more variety in guests than at a sports bar during the Super Bowl. In fact, the mix of local folks can be quite the spectacle itself. You’re less likely to have light football fans who ask questions the entire time, and more likely to be placing prop bets or debating with supporters of the opposing team.

    Less Problems, More Fun!

    So much can go wrong when hosting a house party. Someone might sit on the remote and change the channel during a crucial play. Or you’ll just run out napkins when everyone has already started chowing on the hot wings. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with the stress of invitations and clean-up. Super Bowl Sunday should be an experience!


    With 60+ flat-screens, 32-draft bar, and gluten-free menu at our new Bucktown location WhirlyBall is the place to be on February 1st. Watch with us for drink specials like $3 SoCo Shots, $3.50 Bud Light Pints, and craft beer buckets or a $10 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet starting at 5PM and a half-time raffle for some essential tailgating supplies!

    Which League Is The Right One For You?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Do you feel like you could spend every hour of the day on the WhirlyBall court or in a bowling alley? You’re not alone.

    We're lucky to be partners with two great Chicago sports organizations: Live to Support (LTS) Chicago and Chicago Sport and Social Club (CSSC). If you’re new to the league scene but curious, here’s all you need to know:



    What do you play for? LTS Chicago was founded on the notion that young professionals are the key platform to raise awareness in support of Chicago charities through the use of sports. Their leagues, tournament, and social events donate a portion to local Chicago charities while showcasing local athletes.

    WhirlyBall has partnered with LTS Chicago in the past and is happy to do so again for Winter 2015 bowling leagues at our new location!

    Bowling (Co-Ed 4v4)
    Winter 2015 Season starts Jan 27 (Registration ends Jan 23)
    Ends March 17
    Tuesday from 6:30PM to 8:45PM OR
    Tuesday from 8:45PM to 11:00PM (2.25 hours of play)

    For fees and more info, visit Live to Support’s website.


    If you’re looking for a perfect combination of high quality sports leagues and premier social events, CSSC is for you. The organization has teams and leagues for a number of unique sports and membership, including both bowling and WhirlyBall leagues. When you’re not playing, you’ll be attending live sports events, concert series, or even bar crawls. Sign up individually or with your team on a rolling “first-come-first-serve” basis before it’s too late!

    WhirlyBall (Coed 5v5)
    Starts Jan 19th, 2015
    Monday 7:00PM - 10:00PM (1.5 hour time blocks)
    League Starts Jan 19th, 2015
    (6 Weeks of regular play followed by single-elimination play-offs)

    Team/individual fees and more info on CSSC’s WhirlyBall page.


    Bowling (Coed 4 vs. 4)
    Monday 7:00PM to 11:30PM
    8-Week League Starts Jan 26, 2015

    Team fees and more info on CSSC’s Bowling page.

    Both LTS Chicago and CSSC league membership include drink/food specials and other discounts, such as free shoe rental, traveling discounts, and/or shirts and jerseys. Bring your friends and co-workers or bring yourself and see what WhirlyBall leagues have to offer!

    All leagues are offered at our new Chicago location in Bucktown, 1825 W. Webster. Visit our partners’ websites for additional league & registration info!

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