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    Which Chicago Sports Charity Is Right For You? The Beginner's Guide to Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Everyone loves receiving gifts around the holidays and there’s nothing wrong with that! But, at the end of the day it’s giving gifts that ultimately warms your heart with the tender realization that you made someone else feel special.

    At WhirlyBall, there are two things that we support unconditionally year round: sports and parties. Okay, on the surface parties and sports may not seem like causes worth a donation, but there’s a silver lining here. Sports teams in Chicago are dedicated to their team and their city, meaning that philanthropy is a huge part of each organization. And nothing brings people together like a party!

    Introducing “Play It Forward” with WhirlyBall. If you book a holiday party by November 1st at WhirlyBall we will make a donation to your favorite Chicago sports team charity. That’s right, by partying your holidays away at WhirlyBall you will be giving back to a great cause of your choice. Don’t know which charity to choose? Let’s break down what each one stands for!

    The Chicago Balckhawks Charities

    The Chicago Blackhawks Charities pledge to make a brighter future for Chicago’s youths with the core principles of health and wellness, and housing and living.  Chicago Blackhawks Charities serve local citizens by impacting youths and their families in and around the city of Chicago. You can donate to this charity directly here:

    The Chicago Cubs Charities

    Similar to the Blackhawk Charities, the Cubs Charities benefit Chicago’s children and their families. Initially the Cubs Charities were created to support ongoing cancer research but has since become much more. Their goal is to provide increased access to sports opportunities and target improvements in health, fitness and education for those at risk. You can donate to the Cubs Charities directly here:

    The Chicago White Sox Charities

    The Chicago White Sox Charities goal is to inspire, educate and embrace Chicago by providing financial and emotional support to hundreds of Chicago-based organizations, including those leading the fight against cancer, dedicated to improving the lives of youth through recreation and education.  The Chicago White Sox Charities also provide support to those offering support to children and families in crisis. You can donate to the Chicago White Sox Charities directly here:

    Chicago Bears Care

    Through targeted programs supporting education, youth athletics and medical research and health awareness programs focusing on breast and ovarian cancer, Bears Care aims to improve the quality of life for people in the Chicagoland community, primarily disadvantaged children and their families. Bears Care has totaled over $12.1 million in issued grants to nearly 100 qualifying agencies. You can donate directly to this charity here:

    Chicago Bulls Charities

    The Bulls have established a history of community service by contributing time, materials, resources and financial donations to organizations committed to youth education, health and wellness, and violence prevention. Through fundraising, donating, and auctioning, the Chicago Bulls Charities are able to give back to Chicago’s communities. You can request a donation directly here:

    Now that you know a little bit about what each Chicago team charity is all about, all you need to do is book your WhirlyBall party before November 1st and choose which charity suites you best! And don’t forget to Play it Forward this holiday season!  

    To book your holiday party at WhirlyBall visit the 2015 WhirlyBall Holiday Event Planning page or call us at 773-486-7777 for all the details and answers to your questions!


    Casts of "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD" in WhirlyBall Charity Play Saturday, Oct. 3rd

    Last updated 1 year ago

    There really isn’t any better place to be in Chicago this coming Saturday, Oct 3rd, than at WhirlyBall in Bucktown. Why do you ask? This Saturday night marks the inaugural WhirlyCruz Cup. You might be wondering, “Why does this matter?” “What’s all the hype?”

    Let’s break it down slowly, because there’s a lot of awesomeness to digest here:

    The WhirlyCruz Cup is an event that Joe Minoso (star of NBC’s Chicago Fire) is hosting at WhirlyBall. “Well that’s awesome! I love that show and he’s one of my favorite characters. Where do I sign up?” Well, hold your horses, ‘cause it gets even better. The WhirlyCruz Cup will also bring stars from both NBC shows, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, as well as other local celebrities to throwdown on the WhirlyBall court! 

    But there’s more! Not only will all these amazing actors and actresses be in the house, but all proceeds made at WhirlyCruz go to the 100 Club of Chicago, providing for the families of fallen First Responders of Cook and Lake Counties! You can purchase a ticket if you just want to watch WhirlyCruz go down, enter as a team of 4 or as an individual player if you want to throwdown with the stars, or simply contribute to the 100 Club of Chicago.

    Now you’re probably saying, “Okay, I submit, it couldn’t possibly get any better.” But it does. Not only will the casts of the primetime NBC dramas be squaring off, but anyone who purchases a player ticket will join teams with celebrity team captains like former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood, former Blackhawks player Reid Simpson and media personality Brittney Payton, among others. 

    The event is named WhirlyCruz after Minoso’s Chicago Fire character name, Joe Cruz. This is sure to be one of WhirlyBall’s most memorable events ever! Get tickets while they are available and please donate to the 100 Club of Chicago. Chicago’s First Responders are out there day and night protecting our city, and we are proud to give our support. So come have a great time watching your favorite NBC stars duke it out on the WhirlyBall court, support Chicago's First Responders and their families, and have eternal bragging rights - it’s all happening this Saturday, October 3rd, at WhirlyBall Chicago!

    Click to purchase tickets to WhirlyCruz Cup.

    What's On Tap: Revolution Brewing "Beat the Brewer" Challenge!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A revolution is brewing! Beat the Brewer returns to our WhirlyBall in Lombard this Tuesday, June 30th from 7-10PM. Like with any brewer challenge, for one night the grand sport of WhirlyBall is free and open to the public. The only catch? You must go bumper-to-bumper with some of Chicago’s best brewers!

    Revolution Brewing Company was founded in Logan Square back in 2010. Since then they have again and again revolutionized their techniques to adapt to changing craft beer audiences.

    Their brewpub produces about 50 different beer styles each year, from session beers to hop bombs to bourbon barrel aged beers.

    When you’re not on the court, The Rev Brew Crew has some brews for you to try throughout the night, including:


    Rosa Hibiscus/$5

    Cross Of Gold/$6

    Hugene Porter Brew Pub Edition/$7

    Fist City/$6

    Bottom Up Wit/$5

    Free WhirlyBall and great brews not enough? This event is a “Steal the Jar” event too, so keep the jar you drink from!

    And don’t forget...RSVP in advance at for a chance to win a $50 WhirlyBall card!

    12 Signs You Are A Craft Beer Fanatic

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Ah, is there a better hobby to have than to be a craft beer connoisseur? It’s a pasttime you can share with others or enjoy by yourself. It’s a craft (no pun intended) that takes time and first-hand research, and not everyone is up to snuff. After reading this list, you’ll know whether you are a true craft beer enthusiast or at least on your way to becoming one.


    1. You’ve Got The Basics Down.

    You know the difference between an ale and a lager, you know what IPA stands for, and you DEFINITELY know the three different types of hops.

    *Cheat Sheet: Ales are brewed with top fermenting yeast while lagers are brewed with bototm fermenting yeast. IPA stands for India Pale Ale. Lastly, there are three categories of hops: bittering, aroma, and hybrid.

    2.  You Don’t Get In the Game Just During Pumpkin Spice Season #Bandwagoners

    Don’t get us wrong, Pumpkin Spice is fantastic but that’s not all there is to craft beer! Just looking forward to that flavor is severely limiting your palate. Don’t be afraid to explore grassy notes, chocolate malts, or citrusy flavors.


    3.  You Know It’s About Quality Not Quantity.

    Most of us have had our fair share of college nights that we’d rather not remember due to how much we drank. The past is the past and you’ve learned your lesson. It’s not the amount you drink but how good it is that makes it worth it. So savor your drinks. Take time to take a whiff and sip slowly.

    4.   You’re Not Afraid To Try Something New...

    Half the fun of traveling is seeing what craft beers they offer that you haven’t tried yet. There’s so many - and more always coming out - it seems impossible to keep up. But you do your best.

    5.   But You Do Have A Go-To Beer.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to your favorite beer at times. The heart wants what it wants and that’s fine, just don’t forget to spice it up every so often.


    6.   You Can Throw Out Cool Names Nonchalantly.

    3 Sheeps Rebel Kent The First Amber? New Belgium Lips of Faith Cocoa Mole? Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz? Yea, I’ve tried them.”

    7.   You’re A Pro At Knowing Which Flavors Compliment Which Foods.

    Here’s a simple breakdown:

    IPA = Burgers and Sweets
    Pilsner = Chicken, Salmon, and Salads
    Amber Ale = Chicken, Seafood, and Spicy Foods
    Brown Ale = Pork and Salmon
    Porters = BBQ and Beef
    Stout = Beef, Chicken, and Oyster


    8. Everyone Comes To You For Recommendations.

    Well obviously…

    9.  You’re Always At WhirlyBall Chicago’s Craft Beer Events!

    Anyone who wants to claim the highest of craft beer knowledge knows not to miss WhirlyBall’s craft beer events. To learn more, check out our website, take a gander at our Chicago beer list and make sure you sign up for our Craft Beer Aficionado list!

    22 Things That Happen After You Play Lasertag

    Last updated 2 years ago

    So you just played your first or even hundredth game of laser tag. You are probably feeling pretty satisfied with yourself. Well here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming next!

    1. You now have permanent night vision.

    2. You can hear a pin drop from the other side of the battle field.

    3. Setting phone on vibrate?! Ha, more like silent! Amateurs...

    4. You’ve mastered the defensive pose.

    5. You’ve got your game plan ready to go….

    6. #5 was a test! There is no “game plan” in laser tag! This is wild hunting ground!

    7. You’ve gained spidey senses that tingle when the enemy is upon you.

    8. Who says yoga pants are only good for yoga? They’re perfect for running through the jungle that is the laser tag arena!

    9. You don’t just know the “hide and shuffle” technique - you invented it!

    10. You’ve perfected your breathing to be undetectable to any and all ears.

    11. Uneven teams with the other team having the upperhand? No sweat. You’ve got the team covered.

    12. You’ve practiced your shooting style in the mirror.

    13. You’ve created a set of hand signals to communicate with people on your team.

    14. Call it paranoia, but you can now smell the sweat of the weak and scared.

    15. You know just the right amount to eat before battle.

    16. Your tip toe run is phenomenal.

    17. You’ve choreographed your victory dance to a T.

    18. But you don’t dance for long - It makes you vulnerable to attack!

    19. You don’t mind being the eldest person in the game. You have much more wisdom and experience than these kids!

    20. Your teammates are your only companions.

    21. But everyone is friends again when the game is over.

    22. And YOU'VE WON!


    Still passionate about laser tag? Cool! Check out our hourly rate pricing or give us a call at 773-486-7777.

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