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5 Lessons You Wouldn't Expect to Learn at WhirlyBall

Last updated 1 year ago

Team-building at its finest

1. Those who Whirl together, stay together

Let me tell you a story; it’s really short I promise - One night you and a couple of your buddies come to WhirlyBall and can’t get enough, next thing you know you’re playing once every couple of weeks, then your Whirly group starts growing, the years pass and you’ve got yourself a tradition, then your Whirly buddy gets married and who does he ask to be his best man? YOU, you, WhirlyBall partner you. WhirlyBall isn’t just a place to come and have fun; it’s also where you go to build new friendships and strengthen old ones, bond with your co-workers, and make lifelong memories. Those who Whirl together stay together. Remember this: pick your WhirlyBall teammates wisely, they may just become your new best friends.

2. There’s no “I” In team   

Sure it’s an overused phrase, but when you’re WhirlyBallin it’s nothing but the truth. Taking too much responsibility into your own hands will slow down your game and get you stuck in a corner. Literally. No one likes a show-off. Don’t be that guy, unless you do it really really well. Your teammates are there for a reason and they are skilled in their own ways. A wise man once told me that “teamwork makes the dream work,” people, and I don’t quote things that I don’t believe. When you work together, your team can be unstoppable.

3. Patience is an essential virtue

If you are having a hard time getting used to the game, don’t get frustrated. Letting your emotions get the best of you will hinder the fun you could be having! Grab a beer, shake it off. The best part about WhirlyBall is that anyone can get the hang of it relatively quickly. So be patient my fellow WhirlyBallers; sometimes it takes a game or two to get the feel for your bumper car.  You’ll be putting points on the board left and right before you know it, it just takes a little time. Even the pros started somewhere.  

4. Confidence lives off of your team’s energy

You’ll learn that building confidence in yourself as well as your teammates will make your squad shine. Other squads will want to be your squad. If someone on your team does something great, let them know. If they do something not so great, let them know it’s all good. Your energy is their energy. WhirlyBall is all about having a good time and no one wants to feel like they didn’t contribute to the fun-making. So reach out to your teammates, and opponents too. Positive reinforcement is both useful and respectful, and we’re all about it.

5. Good sportsmanship: Congratulate the winners

We know WhirlyBall can bring out the competitor in everyone, but it’s just a game. Make sure to always congratulate the winner, even if you thought you were for sure going to win. No one likes a sore loser, but everyone likes a good sport.  So do the right thing and always take the high road. 


Come out to WhirlyBall and learn the ropes. We have locations in Vernon Hills, Lombard and Chicago.


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