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How To Handle The Mixed Personalities of Chicago's Weather

Last updated 1 year ago

If you’re from Chicago you already know the only thing that’s as unpredictable as Jay Cutler is the city’s weather. Just when you were tricked into believing this winter would be the mildest the city has seen in ages, you step outside to a blustery, wet smack of freezing cold reality.

Okay sure, maybe this winter is still pretty mild, but that doesn’t stop Mother Nature from singling out our Windy City on any given day whenever she so chooses without any warning. Why are you so cruel, Mother Nature? And let’s be honest, who is ever prepared for freezing temperatures and ice storms when just yesterday the sun was shining bright and you were wearing only a hoodie for warmth?

When the weather takes an unexpected turn how do you handle Chicago’s mixed personalities? Here’s how we cope.

Try To Stay Active

If you can get out of your house, by all means get out and stay active! The Chicago blues is a very common side effect most Chicagoans feel when winter hits. Staying inside and watching movies and taking a thousand trips back and forth from the couch to the fridge is fun, but only for a short time, until the sadsies kick in. The good news? Your local pub, movie theater, bowling alley, or wherever you love to go will probably still be open! If you’re lucky enough to live near WhirlyBall you can stay active all day long drinking craft beer, eating delicious food, bowling, playing lasertag, and WhirlyBalling. If you absolutely CANNOT leave your house try exercising, doing yoga, or reading a captivating book that will help you forget that Mother Nature hates you a lot.

Take Care Of Those Pesky Tasks

Ever heard of the expression “kill two birds with one stone?” Rainy, snowy, icy, or all of the above combined days are perfect for accomplishing tedious life tasks that you’ve been putting off. Sure it’s not the most glamorous idea, but it’s productive and you’ll thank yourself for getting it out of the way. Have a mountain of dishes to clean? Get scrubbing! Is your laundry overflowing? Wash it! Need to book a birthday party? Book it! Need to file your taxes?! ...Set that aside for another day.

The bottom line is sometimes Chicago’s weather is so unpredictable that you actually can’t do anything but wait for it to pass, so you might as well get some stuff done in the meantime!

Get In Touch With Family And Friends

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to handle Chicago’s two-faced weather is to connect with the ones you love! Chances are they’re feeling the same as you if they are in Chicago, so have yourself a little venting session. Call your grandparents, skype your old friends, or if possible, meet up in person and spend some quality time avoiding the harsh weather outside together! Life is so busy that you sometimes may feel like you don’t have the time or energy to stay in touch with the people you care about. Chicago’s rough winter days are a great reminder that if Mother Nature can take the time and energy to debilitate an entire city, then you must have the time and energy to stay in touch with your loved ones!

Embrace It

Finally, since Chicago’s weather is so inconsistent, you should probably learn to just embrace it. Even though at times we have a beef with her, Mother Nature is capable of some pretty incredible things. The sight of icicles hanging from tall building tops, frozen waves on Lake Michigan, and unplowed streets is actually astonishing in a sort of sublime way. Believe it or not, even the harshest weather conditions can be enjoyed by anyone. Learn to love Chicago’s weather and all its inconsistencies. After all, the only thing that’s constant is change, something we know all too well living in Chicago.

We can’t stop the weather from hitting Chicago hard, but we hope these tips will help you better prepare for the next random ice storm the day after a warm, sunny winter day. Stay warm, stay active, and embrace the mixed personalities of Chicago’s weather. :) 


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