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4 Recurring Life Events That Can Be Saved By Adding Bumper Cars

Last updated 1 year ago

No matter what, at some point or another you’ll be forced to sit through a terrible, yawn-worthy event. Whether it’s making awkward small talk at an office mixer, passing the time staring at your phone at the yearly work training event, crumpling napkins out of boredom at an award ceremony, or pretending to pay attention at the company retreat, you will undoubtedly suffer through a boring event or two. It’s inevitable.

Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you your next mandatory event doesn’t have to bore you to tears! After all, legend has it there has never been an event of any kind at WhirlyBall that wasn’t totally awesome. 

Let’s take a look at some events that COULD have been saved by simply adding bumper cars!

The Office Holiday Party

You spend your whole year in the same office with the same people, why would you want to celebrate the holidays from where you’re forced to work every single day? Get your entire office pumped for this year’s holiday party and head to the most fun place in the Midwest. It’s a holiday PARTY, not a holiday “can’t wait to get out of here.” Go above and beyond and show the office your appreciation and holiday spirit with a raging party at WhirlyBall! Awkward mistletoe moments might be unavoidable, but lame holiday parties definitely are!

The Mandatory Boring Training Seminar

Every year you keep a giant X on your calendar on one date in particular. This X symbolizes the dread you have for your work’s yearly mandatory training seminar. A lot of work places are guilty of hosting such repetitive, boring events, yet no one does anything to liven up the room.  Let’s face it, training for work is important, BUT no one’s learning anything when half the room is steadily sleeping through the event. At WhirlyBall, we have conference rooms perfect for conducting all your training responsibilities. Your guests will stay alert during the seminar since they know what’s coming: WhirlyBall, bowling, and lasertag! Keep em` excited and engaged, the payoff will speak for itself.

The Awkward High School Reunion

High school reunions have so much potential! However, when you haven’t seen any of your old classmates in years and don’t even remember half of their names, some reunions tend to start awkwardly. Ditch the small talk and fake smiles and get right to the celebrating! When you throw your reunion at WhirlyBall, there isn’t much room for awkward behavior. Don’t know what to say? Talk about how awesome the night is going to be with all these games and old friends. Don’t remember the guy that insists he was your best friend freshmen year? Get him on your WhirlyBall team and become his current best friend! Plus, WhirlyBall’s craft beer list goes on for days and days, so you’re bound to get the conversations flowing real quick! Not to mention all the delicious food and other menu items that will keep the crowd satisfied from start to finish.

The Uneventful Birthday Party

Birthday parties should be the highlight of the year, not a drag to get through! There’s nothing worse than getting pumped for your buddies birthday party and realizing it’s just not that fun. It’s hard to mess this type of event up, but if party planning isn’t your strong suit, then let us help! Spend your birthday celebrating your youth, not getting older. WhirlyBall is the perfect event space for anyone’s birthday party. With special party packages available including drinks, food, WhirlyBall, bowling, and lasertag, the only option is to have fun!

Your next event could be awesome! We’re here to accomplish that goal for you. Forget about the awkward small talk, trying to stay awake, and staring at your phone aimlessly, WhirlyBall hereby declares the end of boring events!

If you need WhirlyBall to save an event that you’re dreading, visit our website at and review our event packages! To set up an event at WhirlyBall, please contact us at 773-486-7777 or email at:


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