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The Beginner's Guide To Decorating Parties Like A Boss

Last updated 1 year ago

Party planners, where you at?! You might not know, but your party is only as interesting as its decorations. The way you set up a space can make or break how your guests feel about your party. That’s why we’ve put together a basic list of party decoration tips that always impress the crowd. 

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Pick a theme and stick with it.

If you’re throwing a themed party it is most important you stay consistent. Throwing a Star Wars themed party? Get some galactic style streamers and balloons, make-shift light sabers, and utilize characters from the film for napkins, banners, and other party decor essentials. Themed parties have the potential to be totally awesome, if done correctly. If you’re throwing your kid a Nicktoons themed party, don’t include Disney characters. You see what we’re saying? Impress your guests with a completely unified themed party, and make sure everything from the invitations to the birthday cake follow your theme! 

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Incorporate interactive decorations

People love decorations that they can play with! Find a decoration that you can incorporate into your party that guests can interact with throughout the event. Zygote Balls are a great example of an interactive party decoration; they’re large, helium-filled, inflatable balls that respond to motion through human touch and react by changing colour as they float through the air. The simplest ideas are usually the best. Of course the most classic interactive party decoration you could buy is a pinata filled with goodies. Find the pinata design that goes with your party and hang it up so partygoers can take their best whack at it! There are endless ways to incorporate interactive decorations into your party, just be creative. 

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Use video or digital picture frames

If the event space has TVs, projectors, or digital picture frames, ask if you could use them as decorations. Digital photo collages and videos can take your party to the next level. If you’re throwing a wedding party create a photo collage and collect some videos of the bride and groom and play them throughout your event space. The same goes for any type of party. Birthday party? Gather pictures of the birthday boy or girl and play them on repeat! Family reunion? Make a timeline video of your family’s history and project it. Guests love looking through homemade photo and video collages - this decoration tip will liven up your event and spark conversations all night! If the event space does not have any TVs or a projector that you can use then you can buy a few cheap digital picture frames and place them on tables around your party. This simple tip separates an average party from a well-planned party.

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Use a color as your theme

Sometimes the best party themes are colors. If you don’t want a specific party theme based on a character, sport, show, or time-period, you can choose a color or two and make that the theme. Are you throwing a birthday party for your daughter who LOVES the color purple? Decorate her party with everything purple! Silverware, streamers, napkins, flowers, lights, EVERYTHING! Buy purple light bulbs to make your party room shine its theme. Imagine how amazed she will be when she walks in and sees her favorite color on everything, illuminated by none other than more of her favorite color. You could also mix and match; this tip is not limited to just one color. Color combinations are pretty awesome, too. This decoration idea is as simple as it comes, but doing it properly takes creative thinking and a lot of preparation. However, if you do it right, your color themed party could stun guests and make for a beautiful sight. 

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Go all out or don’t go at all

Finally, if you’re going to decorate your party make sure you put some time and thought into it. Decorating a party takes time and effort. This tip is probably the most important of them all. Dull, last minute decorating looks sad and does not add any specialness to your party. If all you plan to do is hang up a couple balloons or streamers then you might as well not decorate at all. You either need to go full on party mode with your decorations or don’t go at all. People notice how hard you worked on decorating a party, but they also notice how hard you DIDN’T work on decorations if they are just thrown up haphazardly. So please party planners, do it right and put the time and effort into your decorating process or don’t do it all!.

Now that you have the basics of how to decorate your party like a boss, it’s time for you to get planning. Find an event space suitable for your party and get to work, people! 

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