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12 Signs You Are A Craft Beer Fanatic

Last updated 2 years ago

Ah, is there a better hobby to have than to be a craft beer connoisseur? It’s a pasttime you can share with others or enjoy by yourself. It’s a craft (no pun intended) that takes time and first-hand research, and not everyone is up to snuff. After reading this list, you’ll know whether you are a true craft beer enthusiast or at least on your way to becoming one.


1. You’ve Got The Basics Down.

You know the difference between an ale and a lager, you know what IPA stands for, and you DEFINITELY know the three different types of hops.

*Cheat Sheet: Ales are brewed with top fermenting yeast while lagers are brewed with bototm fermenting yeast. IPA stands for India Pale Ale. Lastly, there are three categories of hops: bittering, aroma, and hybrid.

2.  You Don’t Get In the Game Just During Pumpkin Spice Season #Bandwagoners

Don’t get us wrong, Pumpkin Spice is fantastic but that’s not all there is to craft beer! Just looking forward to that flavor is severely limiting your palate. Don’t be afraid to explore grassy notes, chocolate malts, or citrusy flavors.


3.  You Know It’s About Quality Not Quantity.

Most of us have had our fair share of college nights that we’d rather not remember due to how much we drank. The past is the past and you’ve learned your lesson. It’s not the amount you drink but how good it is that makes it worth it. So savor your drinks. Take time to take a whiff and sip slowly.

4.   You’re Not Afraid To Try Something New...

Half the fun of traveling is seeing what craft beers they offer that you haven’t tried yet. There’s so many - and more always coming out - it seems impossible to keep up. But you do your best.

5.   But You Do Have A Go-To Beer.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to your favorite beer at times. The heart wants what it wants and that’s fine, just don’t forget to spice it up every so often.


6.   You Can Throw Out Cool Names Nonchalantly.

3 Sheeps Rebel Kent The First Amber? New Belgium Lips of Faith Cocoa Mole? Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz? Yea, I’ve tried them.”

7.   You’re A Pro At Knowing Which Flavors Compliment Which Foods.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

IPA = Burgers and Sweets
Pilsner = Chicken, Salmon, and Salads
Amber Ale = Chicken, Seafood, and Spicy Foods
Brown Ale = Pork and Salmon
Porters = BBQ and Beef
Stout = Beef, Chicken, and Oyster


8. Everyone Comes To You For Recommendations.

Well obviously…

9.  You’re Always At WhirlyBall Chicago’s Craft Beer Events!

Anyone who wants to claim the highest of craft beer knowledge knows not to miss WhirlyBall’s craft beer events. To learn more, check out our website, take a gander at our Chicago beer list and make sure you sign up for our Craft Beer Aficionado list!


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