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22 Things That Happen After You Play Lasertag

Last updated 2 years ago

So you just played your first or even hundredth game of laser tag. You are probably feeling pretty satisfied with yourself. Well here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming next!

1. You now have permanent night vision.

2. You can hear a pin drop from the other side of the battle field.

3. Setting phone on vibrate?! Ha, more like silent! Amateurs...

4. You’ve mastered the defensive pose.

5. You’ve got your game plan ready to go….

6. #5 was a test! There is no “game plan” in laser tag! This is wild hunting ground!

7. You’ve gained spidey senses that tingle when the enemy is upon you.

8. Who says yoga pants are only good for yoga? They’re perfect for running through the jungle that is the laser tag arena!

9. You don’t just know the “hide and shuffle” technique - you invented it!

10. You’ve perfected your breathing to be undetectable to any and all ears.

11. Uneven teams with the other team having the upperhand? No sweat. You’ve got the team covered.

12. You’ve practiced your shooting style in the mirror.

13. You’ve created a set of hand signals to communicate with people on your team.

14. Call it paranoia, but you can now smell the sweat of the weak and scared.

15. You know just the right amount to eat before battle.

16. Your tip toe run is phenomenal.

17. You’ve choreographed your victory dance to a T.

18. But you don’t dance for long - It makes you vulnerable to attack!

19. You don’t mind being the eldest person in the game. You have much more wisdom and experience than these kids!

20. Your teammates are your only companions.

21. But everyone is friends again when the game is over.

22. And YOU'VE WON!


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