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The 11 Types Of Bowlers You'll Meet

Last updated 2 years ago

No matter who you bowl with, you’re bound to see a few regulars.

1.     The “Power Player”

Also known as Crankers in the bowling world, their powerful throws strike fear and awe into the hearts of other players. Probably had a lot of free time in high school.


2. The “Unexpected Power Player”

Whoa, wait? THAT guy is a cranker? Since WHEN? They spill their coffee every morning on the way to their desk. But they just bowled a perfect game and gave the rest of the office advice. This is so unfair.


3. The “Shhh, Shhh…I Have a Technique” Player

Sometimes called “Strokers,” instead of relying on power and speed, these people have a system. A certain way of throwing the ball or standing, maybe. Even if they don’t bowl a strike every time they keep doing it. Don’t question it, no one really knows why.



4. The “Two-Handed” Player

Even though they’re a grown adult, they still stick to the “two-handed” technique. The rest of the team will tease the two-handed player until the player starts beating them.


5. The “I Have No Idea How to Play So I’m Just Gonna Throw This Thing and Hope for the Best” Player

Also known as: the reason the gutter gates were invented. At least they have fun.


6. The “Anywhere but Here” Player

Someone in your party had to be begged to come, probably a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend or coworker friend. They will make sure you never forget how “above” bowling they are, especially if they play “real” sports.

All bowlers are welcome at the new WhirlyBall Chicago! Make a reservation today.


All bowlers are welcome at the new WhirlyBall Chicago! Make a reservation today. 

7. The “Passive Aggressive” Player

Whoa. They need to chill. It’s just a game.


8. The “Just Happy To Be Here” Player

They don’t need a strike to have fun. And even if they’re not on your team they’ll celebrate your victory with you. They celebrate everyone’s victory.


9. The “Lucky Hat/Shoes/Ball” Player

Usually they have some sort of odd piece of clothing or bowing equipment that they use for every single game for “good luck.” Whether it works or not, you still have full permission to give them hell for it.


10. The “Show-Boat” Player

Oh, they got the best score? Really? It’s not like they made a dance routine to celebrate or gave everyone in the office a playthrough for a month after teambuilding day.


11. The “I’m Just Here for the Food and Beer” Player

Keep missing their turn because one of their orders was ready for pick-up.

All bowlers are welcome at the new WhirlyBall Chicago! Make a reservation today. 

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