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Your Winning WhirlyBall Strategy

Last updated 3 years ago

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So you’ve mastered the brush and scoop pick up technique and you’re a pro at maneuvering the steering column, but do you have what it takes to really dominate on the court? First, you must remember that the game of WhirlyBall is a genius combination of Lacrosse, Hockey, and Basketball. Don’t let the bumper cars cloud your vision, this game can and should be played very similarly to the sports we all know and love.

Instituting your basketball knowledge is a good place to start. Establish guards, forwards, and centers to keep your team organized. The ‘Screen and Slam’ is an often-effective play where the forwards set picks for the guards. This screen can be set by simply driving up next to your opponent or, to rile things up a little, by slamming your car into the other player. Either way, the opposing team will have trouble maneuvering their bumper cars.  Your guard will be able to slide down the court and take a relatively open shot. Beware, your opponents will not be happy with your sly moves so prepare to get hit…hard.

A second play your team should keep up its sleeve is the ‘Whirlwind’. This play involves rapid movement on every player’s part. As the point guard drives down court he should yell “Whirlwind”. This will both prepare your team and incredibly intimidate the other team. The point guard will then make a quick pass to the center all the while one of the forwards is getting set up under the hoop. If the forward is open, the center should pass to him for a lay-up. If not, the center can take a shot or drive to the hoop himself. Not only is this play effective, it is an obscene amount of fun!

If you’re not already dominating, try to remember a few basic tips. Rebounds can make or break a game. Always have a player ready to snatch that ball and try again. Tip #2: Don’t forget to embrace the art of the fake pass. This technique works especially well because your reaction time in a bumper car is not as quick as on your feet. When your opponent falls for this trick, he’ll be heading in the wrong direction, unable to turn back. This brings us to the final tip. Keep moving! It takes a little while for your bumper car to build speed, so the less you stop, the faster your car will move. Not to mention speeding around in a bumper car is extremely amusing. If you implement these tips and throw in a few ‘Screen and Slams’ and ‘Whirlwinds’, your team will no doubt be on the road to victory.



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