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    The Best Bars To Watch Baseball In Chicago

    Last updated 1 month ago

    'Tis the season for Baseball in Chicago! We could already smell the ballpark dogs being grilled and the faint voice of vendors shouting, “PEANUTSSSS, Get your peanuts, here!” Unless you’re a season ticket holder, you probably only get a couple of chances to watch the games live at Wrigley and/or U.S. Cellular each season. Where do you watch the other 160 some games? Luckily, Chicago is packed to the brim with awesome sports bars, perfect for watching your favorite baseball team(s).

    1. Sluggers Wrigleyville 

    Sluggers World Class Sports Bar and Grill is the ideal location for any Cubs fan to fully experience the game without actually being there. This poppin' bar is located just a block away from Wrigley Field so you can actually hear the organ playing, the fans cheering, and the 7th inning stretch. The most unique thing about Sluggers is that it has batting cages! That’s right, batting cages, inside a bar, a block away from Wrigley. Perfect.

    2. WhirlyBall Chicago 

    WhirlyBall Chicago is basically the mecca of sports bars. There are locations in Vernon Hills and Lombard as well, but the new Chicago WhirlyBall location is a two story beast, fully equipped with everything sports fans love: WhirlyBall, bowling, lasertag, shuffleboard, over 32 craft beers on tap, delicious food, and flat screen TVs EVERYWHERE. This place bleeds Chicago sports. You can watch every Cubs and Sox game all season long here; the atmosphere is always full of excitement and there will never be a shortage of beer.

    3. The Anthem 

    You won’t miss the game at this trendy, yet home-y sports bar because it is projected onto the wall to a scale so large it’s visible down the block. The indoor and outdoor seating areas are filled with high top communal tables and the ceiling draped with an American flag. This Ukranian Village staple is perfect for watching the Cubs and the Sox, because of it’s centrally neutral location. The bartenders are always friendly and happy to make you a cocktail (try the tiki-ish Episode 73) or just crack open a PBR tallboy. Try the Jucy Lucy, a stroke of Minnesotan genius that injects a greasy, juicy burger with Velveeta cheese.

    4. Avenue Tavern 

    This Lakeview sports bar has the requisite menu of fried food and burgers, televisions in every corner and a shot-and-beer–loving clientele. But the stone walls and glass facade surroundings lend this sports bar a sensibility so laid-back and inviting that even the least sports-enthusiastic people can get into it. The drinks are inexpensive for the most part and the atmosphere is perfect for spending afternoons and nights alike chilling with your buds watching the game.

    5. Schaller’s Pub

    There’s no better place to cheer on your team than this down-home, blue-collar institution that’s been serving up cold ones since 1881. This place is the ideal baseball-lovers pub. It has a way of making you feel like a local, no matter where you’re from.  Arrive at least a half hour before game time if you plan to eat—and you should definitely plan to eat. Just-like-Mom-made classics include crispy pork tenderloin smothered in perfect pan gravy and greaseless fried chicken. Add doting servers, cheap beer and a living room–like atmosphere, and you’ve got the best sports experience short of front-row tickets.

    5 Lessons You Wouldn't Expect to Learn at WhirlyBall

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Team-building at its finest

    1. Those who Whirl together, stay together

    Let me tell you a story; it’s really short I promise - One night you and a couple of your buddies come to WhirlyBall and can’t get enough, next thing you know you’re playing once every couple of weeks, then your Whirly group starts growing, the years pass and you’ve got yourself a tradition, then your Whirly buddy gets married and who does he ask to be his best man? YOU, you, WhirlyBall partner you. WhirlyBall isn’t just a place to come and have fun; it’s also where you go to build new friendships and strengthen old ones, bond with your co-workers, and make lifelong memories. Those who Whirl together stay together. Remember this: pick your WhirlyBall teammates wisely, they may just become your new best friends.

    2. There’s no “I” In team   

    Sure it’s an overused phrase, but when you’re WhirlyBallin it’s nothing but the truth. Taking too much responsibility into your own hands will slow down your game and get you stuck in a corner. Literally. No one likes a show-off. Don’t be that guy, unless you do it really really well. Your teammates are there for a reason and they are skilled in their own ways. A wise man once told me that “teamwork makes the dream work,” people, and I don’t quote things that I don’t believe. When you work together, your team can be unstoppable.

    3. Patience is an essential virtue

    If you are having a hard time getting used to the game, don’t get frustrated. Letting your emotions get the best of you will hinder the fun you could be having! Grab a beer, shake it off. The best part about WhirlyBall is that anyone can get the hang of it relatively quickly. So be patient my fellow WhirlyBallers; sometimes it takes a game or two to get the feel for your bumper car.  You’ll be putting points on the board left and right before you know it, it just takes a little time. Even the pros started somewhere.  

    4. Confidence lives off of your team’s energy

    You’ll learn that building confidence in yourself as well as your teammates will make your squad shine. Other squads will want to be your squad. If someone on your team does something great, let them know. If they do something not so great, let them know it’s all good. Your energy is their energy. WhirlyBall is all about having a good time and no one wants to feel like they didn’t contribute to the fun-making. So reach out to your teammates, and opponents too. Positive reinforcement is both useful and respectful, and we’re all about it.

    5. Good sportsmanship: Congratulate the winners

    We know WhirlyBall can bring out the competitor in everyone, but it’s just a game. Make sure to always congratulate the winner, even if you thought you were for sure going to win. No one likes a sore loser, but everyone likes a good sport.  So do the right thing and always take the high road. 


    Come out to WhirlyBall and learn the ropes. We have locations in Vernon Hills, Lombard and Chicago.

    10 Pick-Up Lines That Only Make Sense On The Bowling Lanes

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Any of these pick-up lines would sound pretty creepy to hear on the street, but when it comes to bowling alleys, these lines make complete sense.

    1. “Pardon me, Miss, I thought you wanted me to strike up a conversation ;)

    Simple and to the point - just make sure you actually bowl strikes before pulling out this smooth line. What girl doesn't love a good play on words?


    2. “Great shot! I’d like to see you pin me down like that”

    Enough said…


    3. “Forgive my forwardness. My mind’s been in the gutter all night long.”

    Ah, classic. The perfect way to combine being terrible at bowling with being a really great pickup artist.


    4. “I like a man who isn’t afraid to use both hands.”

    I’m not so sure the guy who bowls with two hands is the guy you want to go home with… but hey, to each their own.


    5. “My lanes are freshly waxed, if you know what I mean.”

    Creepy pretty much anywhere you use it.


    6. "My motto: Strikes in the streets, splits in the sheets."

    Great for getting a laugh! Just don’t be a weirdo…weirdos say stuff like this.


    7. “Hey there, could you spare me a minute of your time?” 

    Dang, back at it again with the flirtatious play on words!


    8. “Let’s talk turkey: When I look at you, my thoughts are all XXX.”

    You probably shouldn’t ever use this line, but we can’t stop a few courageous romantics from trying.


    9. “Wow, what a great rack!”

    Classy… real classy...
    (If you're bold enough to try it - it works at the beginning of a pool game, too.)


    10. “You’ve got a good grip on that ball. I’d like to see how you handle two.”

    Not. Even. Once.


    Maybe bowling isn’t the sexiest sport in the world, but it is one of the most fun! Come out to WhirlyBall Chicago and try out some of your own pickup lines. Just maybe be a little less creepy than these. :) 

    Top 6 Things To Do In Chicago

    Last updated 3 months ago

    There’s no place like Chicago! The city of broad shoulders, famous for it’s diverse neighborhoods, street festivals, music culture, and urban architecture, is one the most unique cities in the world. We want to honor this beautiful place that we call home, so we put together this list of some of the things you’ll only find in Chicago.

    A 100+ Year Old Baseball Stadium

    It’s an exciting time to live in Chicago if you’re a Cubs fan! The loveable losers are actually predicted to be the best team in the MLB this upcoming season; maybe this is our year afterall (fingers crossed). Although Wrigley Field is in the process of renovating and there are older ballparks still standing, this 100+ year old stadium standing on the North Side of Chicago was the first ballpark to let fans keep foul balls, the only stadium to still use a manually-operated scoreboard since its origin in 1937, and the only stadium to have a neighborhood named after it. Wrigley Field will forever be a staple and monument of the lively North Side culture.

    Spitting LED Faces

    If you’ve been to Chicago’s Millennium Park then you’ve definitely been greeted by two towering faces, playfully spitting water at passerbys. If you don’t know, this interactive art display is called Crown Fountain and is made up of two 50 ft tall LED glass brick towers standing on a black granite reflecting pool in the heart of the Loop. You can find kids and adults alike splashing around in the fountain on summer days, or tourists snapping photos of the powerful LED displays as they illuminate the night sky. Crown Fountain is a huge aspect of Chicago pop culture and is unlike any public art display in the city.

    The Original Portillo’s (NO KETCHUP) 

    The key to any Midwesterners heart is a Chicago-style hot dog from Portillo’s, definitely no ketchup. Back in 1963, Dick Portillo opened "The Dog House" in a 12-foot trailer hooked up to a garden hose. These days, meat fiends wait hours for juicy Italian beef sandwiches, char grilled burgers, and perfectly made dogs at 38 Portillo's locations in Illinois, Indiana, Arizona and California. It’s not only in Chicago, but you can only find the real deal here. With a buyout in the works, the Portillo’s might soon reach all corners of the nation, but we’ll never forget where they came from. No matter where they end up, Portillo’s will forever be an original Chicago classic.

    The Original WhirlyBall 

    Some call it a sport, others call it a lesson in humility. Since its origin in 1993, founder Sam Elias has opened 3 Chicagoland WhirlyBall locations and started a nationwide craving for this one-of-a-kind recreational sport. If you choose to accept the challenge, you’ll use hand-held scoops to propel whiffle balls at your scoring target. In a team of five, and with the help of a professional referee, you’ll have a bang-up time trying to outscore the competition. WhirlyBall is the ideal sports bar and event venue to escape the nine to five work grind. Recently, to the delight of daredevils and adrenaline junkies everywhere, WhirlyBall added laser tag facilities, bowling lanes, and climbing walls! The bar also features over 32 craft beers on tap all year round. There are some WhirlyBall locations in other states, but everyone knows the reknowned WhirlyBall is just as Chicago as is the Sears Tower (or Willis Tower if you go by what it’s called on a map).

    The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority)   

    Whether you live in Chicago or have travelled here, you have more than likely ridden the "L". You also probably have some interesting stories about your experience. Most cities have a public transportation service of sorts, but there is no public transit system as dynamic and widespread as the CTA and its L system. Spanning across nearly every neighborhood and over 40 suburbs, the CTA is every Chicagoan’s direct line to the rest of the city. Aside from it’s 24/7 reliability, the CTA is notorious for attracting all walks of life, from street performers to business professionals, and the homeless to wanders, a trip on the L is always unpredictable, but always worth talking about.

    The Wiener's Circle 

    Sometimes you don’t just want to grab some food, sometimes you want to get yelled at while grabbing food. You get just that and more at Chicago’s own, The Wieners Circle. No one quite understands why, but go ahead and try it out anyway. This place is known for their hot dogs, burgers and verbally abusive (yet still loving) employees.

    There are hundreds of places and things that we could add to the list, but we’ll leave you with these 6 special Chicago things as a starting guide; the rest are up to you to explore yourself! 

    4 Super Reasons To Watch THE BIG GAME At WhirlyBall Chicago

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Super Sunday is upon us! Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers, the Broncos - or the commercials - no sporting event quite compares to the intensity and spectacle that is Super Sunday.

    What are you plans for the big game? Maybe you’re stressing over throwing a party and don’t have the time or you have a few too many options so you don’t know which to choose. We’re here to make that decision for you: you should spend Super Sunday at WhirlyBall Chicago! We’ll tell you why.

    Drink Specials ALL DAY LONG
    Drinking and football go hand in hand. Most bars are jacking up their prices for the big game, but we’re keeping ours low because we want to celebrate this glorious football experience with you all! Not to mention, we keep 32 craft beers on tap at all times, so the selection will never be limited! In honor of Super Sunday, grab these drink specials all day long:

    • $3.50 Bud Light Drafts
    • $4 Fireball Shots
    • $5 Jameson Shots
    • Craft Beer Buckets including: Founders Centennial/$25 and Brooklyn Lager/$25

    $15 Unlimited Food Deal
    We know watching all that first-rate, all-pro athleticism requires sustenance. That’s why we’re offering a crazy delicious way for you to stay fully satisfied during the game. For only $15, you’ll get unlimited:

    • Chips & Dip
    • Two Styles of Wings (Buffalo & BBQ)
    • Pizza: Cheese, Pepperoni, Denver Broncos (Orange Bell Pepper Rings w/Sausage) and Carolina Panthers (Pulled Pork w/Onions)

    TVs. TVs Everywhere.
    We pride ourselves on being one of Chicago’s best places to catch every professional sport game, all year round. That wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have over 60 HD flatscreen TVs covering our walls. BUT WE DO. So come Super Sunday, you’ll not only be catching the game, but the game will be watching you… as in, there will literally be TVs surrounding you every which way you turn.

    Sports Live Here
    Aside from the drink specials and discounted noms, WhirlyBall is ALL about sports and the fans who love them. Catch the game while you bowl, in between lasertag matches, or when you’re off the WhirlyBall court. There’s no better environment to catch the big game than at WhirlyBall Chicago.

    Look, we’ll set up the party, cook and serve the food, and clean up after you leave. Sound good? Breathe easy; no need for any anxiety attacks about throwing a party of your own. Maybe next year we’ll be hosting a Super Sunday party for our Bears. But until then, enjoy the festivities!


Do you like WhirlyBall?

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